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Drone Concert No. 1 – 4 are four different 1 hour albums released at the same time, each individual yet part of a whole in their own right.  Each album provides the listener with an entire sonic world and narrative, beginning with a 5 minute entrance into the minimal, nebulous realm of the pieces.  The pieces are also the electronic tracks to the Drone Concerts sold on the John Franek Music Editions page.



La Mer Dans Le Ciel is a completely ambient electroacoustic album released on Off- Record Label.  Off-Record label is an avant-garde music label based in Brussels, Belgium which released and records a diverse collection of different musical styles.  The album is available on iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Spotify, and more!  Check the album out on their website here:


Check out samples from the Album:






Le Petite Étain is an electroacoustic miniature that was selected to be a part of CD SN, released by Janus Music & Sound on February 19th, 2017.  The album contains 50 pieces celebrating the 50th element Tin (Stannum) as well as the 50th birthday of composer and album organizer Juan María Solare.

Listen here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iQ43Exo5LM



Helix 2- Slower


Slower is Helix 2’s second album release and their first release on Off-Record Label.  The album features improvisations and the piano and organ with additional electronics, and each original improvisation was conceived with the intent that the final piece would be slowed down from the original recording.  The album is availabel on iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Spotify and many more music streaming services.

More about the album here:  http://off-recordlabel.blogspot.com/2017/04/ouc002-helix-2-slower.html


I have not Seen Cover


i have not seen as others saw is an album filled with characteristic dark ambient sound mass electronic pieces as well as an electroacoustic harpsichord piece that ends with the same intensity.  The album, “shows the darkest side of his electronic compositions and composing in general.” (Alain Lefebvre)  The album is available on iTunes, Amazon Mp3, and more!

Learn more about the album here:  http://off-recordlabel.blogspot.com/2017/07/ouc005-john-franek-i-have-not-seen-as.html


I’m Sure You Can Imagine is a 13-minute piece for harpsichord and electronics which continuously molds and wraps around itself.  “‘I’m Sure You Can Imagine’ shows once again the love of this artist for the sound of the instrument as well as the complexity of the many layers of intended repetition of patterns. It could reminds us the way of the minimal music pioneered in the sixties by great composers such as La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Steve Reich and Philip Glass.” (Alain Lefebvre)  I’m Sure You Can Imagine was released on Off Records and is available on iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Spotify and more!

Learn more:  http://off-recordlabel.blogspot.com/2017/10/ouc007-john-franek-im-sure-you-can.html


You can listen to & purchase the Drone Concert albums as well as other pieces at the below address: