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franekconcert“John is an exceptionally gifted composer, improviser, and pianist; his intellect, passion for music, eagerness to learn and to grow make it a joy to be his teacher.”
-Phyllis Lehrer

Working in pre-established instrumental textures as well as new ensemble combinations, John has explored and found home in sonorities and shapes that are distinctly modern yet academically achieved.  From his Music for Two Pianos and Five Players to his rag-time fantasy The False Spell (see videos page), John has explored multiple different sound works using the core of his compositional voice.

Piano Solo Works:

The False Spell –  3 Minutes

Three Melancholy Pieces – 7 Minutes, full set

Nocturne in F# Minor – 2 Minutes

Concert Waltz – 6 Minutes

Concert Fantasy- 6 Minutes

Perpetual Suite – 5 Minutes, full set
three movements for piano or harpsichord

Two October Miniatures – 4 Minutes, full set


Piano Ensemble Works:

Totentanz- 1 Minute
for four hands piano

Dance of Two Dragons- 2 Minutes
for two pianos

Ternion- 1 Minute
for three hands one piano

Music for Two Pianos and Two Players- Indeterminate length

Music for Two Pianos and Five Players- 7 Minutes

Music for Five Pianos and Five Players- Indeterminate length


Concerto Works:

Concerto for Keyboard and Strings- 13 Minutes
version for piano solo and version for harpsichord solo

First Flight- 4 Minutes
student concerto for piano and strings

Impetus- 9 Minutes
student concerto for piano and strings

Quintillus- 5 Minutes
for piano and orchestra

Winter- 10 Minutes
arrangement of Vivaldi’s L’inverno for piano and strings

Russian Concert Overture – 6 minutes
for piano and string orchestra


Non-Piano Solo Works:

Little Letters Suite- 9 Minutes
for classical guitar

Love; and It’s Dance- 4 Minutes
for oboe

Tetris Fugue- 2 Minutes
for organ


Chamber Works:

String Quartet No. 1, “Triptych” – 13 Minutes

Chamber Hearts- 3 Minutes
for String Quintet

Behind Their Eyes- 3 Minutes
for saxophone quartet

Threnody for Strings- 7 Minutes
for String Quintet

Videlicet Diptych- 6 Minutes
for string quartet


Orchestral Works:

Our Something Sky- 10 Minutes
for chamber orchestra with piano

Lament for Many Strings- 4 Minutes
for string orchestra


Vocal & Choral Works:

The Shackled Mind- 3 Minutes
SATB acapella

The Moon was in Her- 3 Minutes
SSSAAA (music & text) acapella

Kyrie- 3 Minutes
SATB acapella

Long Phrases for the Tower Chamber- 4 Minutes
SATB (music & text) acapella

i carry your heart- 3 Minutes
soprano and piano

My Vow – 3 Minutes
soprano and piano